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We have been trying to keep content current on two blogs. One blog is enough work, two, impossible. Recently, we created a new site at www.superfruitseeds.com. It is both a blog and ecommerce store thanks to the versatility of WordPress. I won’t go into the rationale for this new site here but suffice it to say that we will not be updating this blog. We will keep it up but ask that you visit the Super Fruit Seeds site for the most up to date blogs related to gourmet strawberries and nutraceutical berries.

Pineberry Seeds

It seems that the number of questions about pineberry seed are increasing and the frequency of those questions is increasing as well. Pineberries are hybrids. Their genus is Fragaria but the species is ananassa. It is not a good idea to save seeds of hybrids unless you are a plant breeder. Seed of hybrids will NOT produce seedlings that are true to the parents. You might get a plant or two that are similar to the parents but you will have to plant perhaps thousands of seeds to get one.

I have seen sellers on online auctions selling pineberry seeds. Someone told me on Facebook today that they ordered some of these seeds. When the order arrived the seeds were market ‘White Soul’. This is a selection of Fragaria vesca, a completely different species of strawberries. They are the same genus but that’s where the comparisons end. They grow totally different and the fruit is totally different in size, taste, aroma, etc.

I have noticed online that some sellers are listing ‘White Soul’ but showing a picture of the fruit of pineberries. Buyer beware!!

We do not save pineberry seeds and we don’t recommend that anyone saves or sells them unless the seeds are going to be used by a legitimate plant breeder.