Safe Seed Pledge

Some time ago we signed the Safe Seed Pledge. Those who have signed the pledge agree to not buy, sell or grow genetically modified seed (GMO). We have stopped selling hybrid seeds of any kind. It is not because all hybrid seed is bad. It is simply that some of the hybrid strawberry seed on the market is likely GMO and the suppliers will not acknowledge this voluntarily.

We truly believe that open pollinated seeds offer the best method to insure genetic diversity. We are also committed to saving strawberry seeds and plan to offer our methods of seed saving so that open pollinated strawberry seed will be available for generations to come. The logo below from the Council for Responsible Genetics is the author of the pledge.


Checkout the List of those who have signed the pledge. Note: At this time, we are the only signer from Delaware.

Another note: Isn’t it interesting that fruit of wild strawberries (non hybrids) is considered gourmet? It has aroma and flavor that NONE of the hybrids can duplicate. The only hybrid strawberry that I have grown that exhibits flavor and aroma comparable to wild strawberries is Fragaria x bifera. It is a natural cross that occurs in nature where F. vesca and F. viridis populations overlap in Europe. We sell plants of this new species even though it is a hybrid. This is one of the few exceptions we make to selling hybrid anything.

Updated Strawberry Video Germination Guide

We recently updated the gourmet strawberry Video Germination Guide. Initially the guide embedded YouTube videos that we created to show the steps we use to germinate strawberry seeds here at The Strawberry Store. This guide will help make you more successful for strawberry germination. For some reason the videos didn’t work any more so that was a good reason to get in there and create links to the videos and expand on some aspects of germination.

We mention seed saving, germination aids and other aspects that we are looking at to improve germination. We will update the guide in the future. In the meantime we will provide updates here on this blog.