What Sets Us Apart?

The first thing that sets us apart from other seed sellers is that we specialize in strawberries. Most suppliers who sell strawberry seeds sell less than a handful of varieties. Because we sell only strawberries we can offer substantially more varieties than anyone else. In fact, we sell more varieties of strawberry seed than anyone in the world. Not only the most varieties, the most species of strawberries. We sell Fragaria vesca, F. moschata, F. virginiana and F. x ananassa seeds.

Selling strawberries exclusively has its perks. Search engines love our product line which is relected in the volume we sell. Large volume results in fresher seed seed and more economical prices.

Contributing to large volume purchases and use is the fact that we grow and sell plants. This also results in real world experience with the seed we sell. We germinate seeds nearly every month of the year so we are aware of germination and other growing aspects of nearly every variety. Couple this with intensive testing of the varieties for growth and fruiting habits as well as productivity, no one comes close to being this involved with strawberry culture of heirloom varieties like we are.

Our experience with each variety results in real world descriptions of each variety. We even rate productivity and various aspects of growing and fruiting. Descriptions are not derived from literature searches or information provided by the breeder or from garden writers. Picture of fruit is not touched up or altered. What you see is what is stored on our camera. We modify only the size of the photo, not the content.

We grow a number of rare varieties. In fact, many of them are what might be described as extinct. One example of this is ‘Pineapple Crush’. It is nearly impossible to find a commercial nursery that grows this variety unless they purchased it originally from us. We take special care when growing these rare varieties and saving seed. We are aware of the need to isolate the variety to insure genetic purity. In addition, we grow a fair number of plants to produce seed which insures genetic diversity.

All of the varieties we sell, to our knowledge, are NOT GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Most are selections. Many are heritage varieties that are open pollinated. Most hybrids grown are heritage or heirloom varieties. F1 hybrids are grown and selected by knowledgeable breeders.

Our handling and storage of seed has a primary goal of extending the life of the seed. We store seed in a freezer and only remove it to package and ship orders. Germination tests are done on seed of each variety annually. Packaging methods have been developed over a number of years based on optimizing seed life. And, we ship using the most economical as well as fastest method to insure that seed is not exposed to extreme conditions while enroute.

Much of the seed we purchase is purchased in large lots from brokers who purchase direct from the seed grower. Some of these suppliers use special air tight packaging that helps to insure seed freshness. The seed is transported from the source using the quickest (allowing for economy) method so the seed is not enroute for weeks. It is immediately frozen when it arrives. This is all in contrast to purchasing from seed houses that are trying to ship out the oldest seed first. Seed arriving from Europe at our facility has germinations in the 80’s or even 90%. This compares to seed purchased from a U.S. supplier some time ago with germination of 63%. We did not sell this seed and needless to say, we don’t use this U.S. supplier any longer.

We market most alpine seeds in several quantities per variety. We carry standard seed packets with 25 – 50 seeds for home gardeners and other who want to grow a few plants of each variety. We recently added our Econo line which provides 0.33 gram of seed to growers who are looking for more plants for large market gardens or smaller commercial operations. We also offer economical bulk quantities for resellers and for serious commercial growers.

Does it make sense to buy strawberry seed from anyone else? We think buying from specialists is the way to go!!


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